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A History of Giving & the Bailard Foundation’s First Annual Update

June 30, 2020

“Doing what is right. Right by the client, by each other, by the firm and by society.” This is what Ron Kaiser—one of the three co-founders of Bailard, Inc.—said last October when speaking about what it takes for a company to last 50 years. This idea of “doing right” exemplifies what the company and its late founder and long-time CEO, Tom Bailard, stand for to this day. And, in honor of its first 50 years and with excitement for the future, last year Bailard set about creating a list of values that it views as defining for the company. One of these six core values is Compassion, which Bailard strives to demonstrate through understanding and improving its communities.

Charitable Gifts throughout the Years Bailard has long been involved with numerous charitable groups. This support has come in a variety of ways and has often been associated with those causes closest to our employees and clients.

Donations: Bailard has consistently provided support for a number of Bay Area non-profits including AbilityPath, United Way Bay Area, Boys & Girls Club of the Peninsula, and Community Housing Partnership. Employees have organized volunteer days with Rebuild Together and Second Harvest Food Bank. Bailard recognizes the power and impact found in academic sponsorships as well, and has supported research prizes including the University of California Berkeley Moskowitz Prize. Over the past five years alone, Bailard has provided over $500,000 in charitable donations and sponsorships.

Employee Matching: The culture at Bailard lends itself to attracting employees who are passionate about community engagement and charitable causes. To provide support for its employees, Bailard has long offered an annual match on employee donations.

Emergency Fundraising: As we are now experiencing with the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is unpredictable and situations often arise that fall outside of Bailard’s normal targeted giving. Bailard has reacted to these extra needs through company-wide matching initiatives in addition to its annual per employee match limit. Donations have been given to support victims of wildfires, food banks during the onset of COVID-19, and most recently a match to employees for any organization that seeks to address and end systematic racism and oppression of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC).

The Next Step Forward: The Bailard Foundation Serving the community in which we live has long been engrained in the values of Bailard and the mindset of its employees. The desire and effort of helping our communities was foundational for the company, but there had never before been a channel to organize or amplify Bailard’s service. To solidify the company’s commitment to our communities and increase the impact of what Bailard, its employees, and clients support, the Bailard Foundation was created in 2019.

We are pleased to provide the Foundation’s first annual update below, following a spotlight on a community partnership Bailard has supported for nearly thirty years.


Community Partnership over the Years: AbilityPath

Mission: To empower people with special needs to achieve their full potential through innovative, inclusive programs and community partnerships. Together, we are creating a world where people of all abilities are fully accepted, respected and included in all aspects of life: in the classroom, the workplace, and in our communities.

Services: Range from early intervention for infants to play therapy for children, social activities for teens, and employment training for adults along with support and counseling for families. All programs are designed to help children and adults thrive at school, at work, at home, and in the community.

Bailard’s Involvement: Bailard has supported AbilityPath through both financial donations and employee volunteer days. The company continues to act as a major sponsor for AbilityPath’s largest annual fundraiser and other events throughout the year.


Bailard Foundation Annual Update The Bailard Foundation was launched in May of 2019, in celebration of the firm’s 50th anniversary. The Foundation’s aim is to centralize Bailard’s robust history of charitable giving and promote impactful donations that align with the Foundation’s mission statement and focus areas.

Mission Statement: The Bailard Foundation supports initiatives that the Firm, its employees, and clients value as we seek to collectively improve the communities in which we live, work, and engage.

Four Focus Areas: Affordable Housing, Financial Literacy, Homelessness & Poverty,

and International Impact Initiatives.

In the year since its launch, the Foundation has worked to expand connections with local and international charitable organizations. As of June 30, 2020, the Foundation will have provided over $70,000 in grants to 24 organizations within its focus areas, as summarized below.

A Look Forward In its second year, the Foundation plans to further build out its operational base to better serve the charitable organizations chosen by the Foundation Board as well as the company and Bailard employees. The newly-launched Bailard Foundation website ( foundation) includes information on the mission, focus areas, and grants awarded to date. We also hope to expand our relationships with some of our grantee groups through volunteer days and specific fundraising drives. The Foundation is open to all suggestions from employees, clients, and friends on organizations in our focus areas.


Grantee Highlight – JobTrain

Mission: Committed to helping those who are most in need to succeed. JobTrain aims to improve the lives of people in the community through assessment, attitude and job skills training, and high potential career placement.

Services: Career training through 11-week programs at no cost for students with four focus areas: Healthcare, Culinary Arts, IT Service and Support, and Carpentry. Other offerings include youth services, job seeking services, onsite daycare, and evening classes all aimed to provide those looking to better themselves and their careers with the tools and support to do so.

Why JobTrain: The Bailard Foundation was impressed by the array of services offered and core focus on skilled training offered. Relevant job skills are so important for unemployed and under employed to increase their options for employment.

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